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Chris Parreira is a folksinger with classical voice training and a rock & roll heart. He has a smooth soulful voice with just enough grit to let you know that he means it. Primarily a guitarist, Parreira also dabbles in piano and percussion which has a large influence on his precise rhythm playing on guitar. Chris began playing music and writing songs in 2007 while living in Northern California, but did not truly find his own voice until after he had spent a few years touring as a solo act and living in Oregon and later Austin, TX. Parreira returned to his hometown of Eureka, CA in 2010 to pursue music full time and attend school at Humboldt State University. He earned a BA in Music in 2015, and makes full use of his collegiate experience with classical art songs, jazz and choral to give his natural Americana style a refined edge.

"Chris Parreira writes songs like he was born to do it, and plays them like it's what keeps him alive."
Lila Nelson, Musician/Former KHUM DJ

"His kind demeanor was offset by his playfully rough-and-tumble lyrics, letting all the men in the audience give a sigh of relief in knowing that his musical mission isn't solely honed in on swooning every female in the room. It was heartfelt and easily drawn from his experiences on the road."

"Chris's music contains an honesty that is rare in the modern songwriter. You can feel the open road in his songs. You can feel the ecstasy and the loneliness. You can feel the adventure. From the first line, you know this guy is living it."
John Craigie, Musician

"Chris Parreira is a guy with good street sense, learning a lot from his travels and bringing that to his music. You want to catch him when he gets to your town..."
Rod MacDonald, Musician

"...Folky with a hint of old-time county (before country was pop)."
Melody Stone, The Eureka Reporter

Notable Venues:
Momo's (Austin, TX)
Marylin's on K (Sacramento, CA)
Dell Arte's Carlo Theatre (Blue Lake, CA)
Flipnotics (Austin, TX)
Arcata Playhouse (Arcata, CA)
Humboldt Brews (Arcata, CA)
Arcata Theatre Lounge (Arcata, CA)

2013 Mateel Summer Arts & Music Festival (Benbow, CA) [Main Stage]
2013 Humboldt Folklife Festival (35nd Annual) (Blue Lake, CA)
2012 Humboldt Arts & Music Festival (Arcata, CA) [Main Stage]
2012 Humboldt Folklife Festival (34nd Annual) (Blue Lake, CA) [Main Stage]
2011 Humboldt Folklife Festival (33nd Annual) (Blue Lake, CA) [Main Stage]
2010 Bend Roots Revival (5th Annual) (Bend, OR)
2011 North Country Fair (38th Annual) (Arcata, CA)
2010 Humboldt Folklife Festival (32nd Annual) (Blue Lake, CA)
2009 Bend Roots Revival (4th Annual) (Bend, OR)
2008 Midsummer's Dream Art & Music Festival (Ashland, OR)

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